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Management 4-1-1 and The Promise of 2011

December 30, 2010 Leave a comment

2010out_2011in As 2010 comes to a wrap, I’ve been giving a great deal of thought as to what I want to focus on and accomplish in 2011.

Realizing that Management 4-1-1 is a new blog I’m committed to growing and building, I wanted to get my goals out there for all to see.  Then, you can use this post to remind me if I don’t hold to my end of the deal.

If there is anything I have quickly learned about blogging and writing, is the opportunity to continue the learning process.  It’s through blogging and writing that I’ve realized, while I have experience, there is always so much new stuff to learn and think about – which makes the blogging, writing and sharing information so much more exciting and rewarding.

So here goes my Management 4-1-1 promise for 2011..

The Management 4-1-1 blog will focus on managing people and organizations (OK – you probably already guessed that).  But as I’ve quickly found out, you really can’t touch on management without slightly grazing leadership and personal development.  Like Jimmy Buffet said, “there’s a thin line between Saturday night and Sunday morning.”  I’m sure I will cross it from time to time and cover topics in these areas. 

For three times a week (although, I reserve the right to post more frequently), you can expect the following:

  • “How To” posts on the fundamentals of managing people and organizations
  • Links to valuable resources and tools you can leverage in your own development path
  • Book Reviews of various books I’ve come across (related to business, management and leadership)
  • Additional relevant thoughts (and links) which may be of interest to you
  • Stories that will make you want to laugh, cry or just make you empathetically think, “yes, I’ve been there too.”

Anyway – I hope you’ll find the topics interesting, relevant and engaging enough to have a dialog, opinion or just want to come back and keep reading.

Best of luck with your own management & leadership journey! 

See you next year!  Happy New Years!