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The Top 50 Leadership Blogs

December 27, 2010 Leave a comment


Well, here we are getting close to the end of the 2010.  Starting to think about all of the great things we’re going to do in 2011.  Perhaps some of your new year’s resolutions are to grow your management and leadership skills – GREAT CHOICE!!

If so, you may want some sage advice from various sources.  Evan Carmichael, author of The Entrepreneur Blog, posted The Top 50 Leadership Blogs.  It’s a nice list categorized to help you drill down in on the top leadership and management that are of most interest to you.

Maybe next year, we’ll get Management 4-1-1 on the list 🙂


Top Management Blogs Rich in “Management Learning Calories”

December 13, 2010 Leave a comment

blog2I was recently checking out the Top 150 Management & Leadership Blogs posted by NOOP.NL only to be very disappointed in the depth of “How To” content in many of the blogs included in the list.  I’m not saying the sites included in the list were of poor quality or lacked value (ok – maybe some did).  However, as a person who is interested in the craft improving management and leadership, I felt a lot of the top sites didn’t give me much to fill-up my cup (i.e. low in management learning calories).

I did check out a number of these sites and stumbled on a couple of others where I was happy to see some well-done blogs serving-up content rich in management learning calories

Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Michael Hyatt – Intentional Leadership
  2. Management IQ (This one is a little dated in content – but archives seem rich)
  3. GTD Times
  4. Great Leadership
  5. Ramblings From a Glass Half Full
  6. Ask a Manager
  7. John Maxwell on Leadership (definitely more focus on leadership vs. management)
  8. All Things Workplace
  9. Management Craft
  10.  Management Excellence

I hope that you enjoy these sites – They’re good sites and good for you too!

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