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Management 4-1-1 came from an idea that there are many people out there who have been moved into management with little or no experience in managing.  YIKES – That’s scary!
So.. while you may have been the top in your position prior to managing, management requires a different skill-set and has a new set of responsibilities that are critical to be successful as a manager.  No longer can you be worried about your own performance.  You are now responsible for others!!  And others are looking towards you to provide vision and direction.

Management 4-1-1 is a blog focused on bringing together a wealth of information (e.g., tools, tips, tricks, resources, stories, etc.) to be a successful manager and leader – both personally and professionally. Consider this site your personal “information hub” for all that is management.

Take the time to read through the articles posted to this site. Come on!!! You can even check out the archives.  And whether you are new to management or have been in managment for some time now, I hope you find enough value in these postings to come back again and again.

So… If you are reading for shear entertainment value, wanting to learn something new, or just have a passion for management (like me), I encourage you to read, engage and share your ideas/perspectives with us on a regular basis!

The Author

Chuck HebertMy name is Chuck Hebert. I am currently Vice President of Services for Taleo.  Taleo is the #1 leader in on-demand talent management software solutions. This includes: recruiting, onboarding, performance management, compensation and learning management solutions. Taleo serves companies of all industry types and sizes. 

As a consultant and technology professional, I’ve spent the past 15 years focused on bridging technology with business processes to provide maximum value for my clients. 

As a manager, I’ve led organizations as small as 5 people to over 70 employees.  In my role as a leader and manager, I’ve been responsible for growing and building various operational functions, including:  Consulting, Education and Training Services, Software Support, Information Technology, as well as becoming a National Practice Leader for a Project Management Office.

The technology sector is a rapidly growing sector that’s often met with times of quick consolidation.  As a result, I’ve served as a team leader in assisting in due diligence and integration activities for a number of mergers and acquisitions.  This unique perspective, has given me an opportunity to build and grow my management skill-set at a rapid pace. 

Over the past three years, I grew annual consulting revenues from $150K to $1.7M, while maintaining a 20%+ profit margin.  During the same time period, this team held customer satisfaction rates at 93% and had one of the highest employee satisfaction survey results throughout the company. 

It is my belief, that focusing on strategies and goals to drive successful business results, have successful customer experiences, while having happy employees is the winning combination to have successful business and be an exceptional manager.

My Interests

While I love my work, it is not the most important thing in my life. That position belongs to my family. I have been married to my wife, for eight years. We have one son and one daughter. We live outside of San Francisco, California (which in my opinion is one of the greatest places to live in the world).

My passions when I’m not working include: playing tennis, reading, writing, running, and photography.

If you just can’t stand it and want to know a little more about my work history – you can check my profile out on LinkedIn.

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