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It’s Not Just About the Fixing The Weakness – Exploit Your Strengths

Whenever I ask someone about their goals, or ask a manager about what’s their current focus, I usually get a diatribe of all the things they’re doing to get themselves fixed.  After five minutes of listening, I can tell everything that’s wrong with them and their group.  Not necessarily a bad thing, but they’re missing a great opportunity to apply some focus on excelling at what they do best!Close up of man's arm

A recent post by Michael Hyatt (Are You Focusing on the Obstacle or the Opportunity?) inspired me to write this post.  The key message in his blog is that people often focus only on what’s wrong (or what they need to fix), versus what they can create or how they can leverage their strengths.

Whether you are creating goals for yourself; your organization; or talking through a development plan with one of your employees – it’s just as important to know what you do well, as much as it’s important to know your weaknesses.  From there, it’s a matter of doing more of what you do best and protecting yourself from your blind spots (aka – killing your snakes).

A recent example of creating goals to exploit your strengths occurred the other day as I was talking through a development plan with one of my directors.  This person is an educator and has a particular expertise in making classroom presentations.  She also has experience and a passion for Social Learning.  During our conversation, we identified these particular strengths, as an opportunity for her to further develop these skills and help create some new offerings and opportunities for our business (I Love the synergy!!!)

We identified a goal for her to further develop her speaking and presenting skills, by speaking outside of the classroom to various forums (e.g., business unit meetings, presenting at user group and industry conferences, etc.).  We also identified she could use these forums to share her knowledge and passion of social learning concepts.  As a result, she will have an opportunity to do what she already does well and has a passion about.  Her efforts will help promote new offerings, as well as build a reputation for herself (and the company) for being on the forefront of social learning.

So to wrap it up..

Next time you are looking at goals and finding all of the great things you need to fix, make sure you also think about creating and enhancing based on what you already do best!

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