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Why I Blog!!

I’m not normally planning on posting over the weekend, but thought if I have the time – why not? 

I’ve had a few people ask me some questions about blogging. One of the most common questions I get is, “Why bother to blog at all?” 

It’s a great question and one I probably should have made in my very first post. Better late than never, right? So, here are the reasons why I blog (and why I think anyone else should to).

  • Blogging is an incubator for ideasBy the nature of blogging, I am building a library of content I can access at anytime to build upon or refine ideas further in the future. Information I blog on or reference on my site are fodder for future presentations, published works, or to leverage in my job and personal life. Using tags and categories helps me structure the content in an easy way to access at a later time.
  • Provides a platform to build a habit of writing and practice writing (whenever I want) – One of my long time passions and goals has been to become a published author. I’ve made several attempts, but have not yet been able to crack the code to achieve this goal. One of the reasons I fall short is I did not have a habit of writing and researching on a regular basis. Having a blog is a great stepping stone to build the habit of writing, as well as practicing the craft. Not all of my stuff is perfect, but practice will certainly help.
  • Blogging lets me develop thought leadership on topics interesting to me and my work – In order to blog successfully, I need to be able to gather information, process it into my own thoughts, then write about it in a meaningful way (that others hopefully find value in). If I can just read 10 pages on a set list of topics (e.g., leadership, management, productivity, etc.), then in just 5 years – I will have read 18,250 pages of pure knowledge. You would think I’d be able craft an informed opinion and share some of my own thoughts after reading all of that. You get the idea.
  • It’s a great way to share insights about me – Blogging can be quite personal and insightful as to how a person thinks. I have a passion for writing about business and management and this forum provides readers a sense of how I think and perceive the world in a unique way.
  • I get to dabble in cool technology – My work often lends itself to more strategic thinking, problem solving, meetings and phone calls with customers, than it does getting “super” hands-on with technology (although I will occasionally sneak in a few hours of hands on techno-stuff related to work). Creating your own blog forces you to get hands-on with lots of different technologies. Whether it’s learning how to use WordPress, creating an Amazon affiliation, or setting up a You Tube channel, blogging lets me play with cool technology that I would not otherwise get the opportunity.
  • Provides an archive of my thoughts – One day, I might get old and find I can’t remember all the stuff I thought about. My blogs will remind me.
  • If you are interested in creating your own blog, I suggest checking out My Blogging Toolkit post.

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