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Kill Three Snakes, Find Three More – Repeat

snake I was sitting in a meeting, when I heard my manager say, “Everyone should identify and kill three snakes.”  Like Indiana Jones, I rolled my eyes and thought, “I hate snakes! Why does it have to be snakes!”

Seriously – What he was really saying was we needed to identify and deal with our three largest organizational weaknesses.  He wanted some brain-power and people-power behind solving these areas, then repeat the cycle.

The key belief here is by identifying your organizational weaknesses, resolving them, then going back and finding your next batch of snakes – you build a methodical approach to improving your organization.  And by identifying three snakes at a time, you can deal with a manageable number of opportunity areas without diluting your focus from growing your business.  Let’s face it, you cannot build a ultra-successful organization by only focusing on eliminating weaknesses.  At some point, you need to focus on growing your business and/or using your strengths to hit the accelerator.

Hopefully after a few rounds of “snake killing”, you’ve addressed your biggest issues and can focus on business expansion and exploiting your strengths.

One key assumption is by applying focus to a weakness, you can actually kill (or at least tame) them.  When identifying which snakes to kill, you should keep that little nugget of information in mind.

Questions to identify your snakes and which ones you should be working on:

  1. What are my organizational weaknesses or gaps (aka – my snakes)?
  2. Which snakes have the greatest exposure to my company and/or organization?
  3. Which snakes can I have the greatest and fastest impact on?
  4. Do I know how to eliminate or minimize the exposure?



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